The Sloths

It’s the stuff of rock ‘n’ roll legend: record a remarkable single called “Makin’ Love”. Play Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the middle of the ‘60s.Break up before recording an album or even sniffing a radio playlist. (In fact, the song was deemed too raw for radio.) Have the single resurface 20 years later on a garage compilation appropriately titled Back from the Grave, where all the garage bands that never broke through in the ‘60s get one last stab at immortality. The guitarist hires a private detective to find all the members of the band scattered across the country - except, of course, for the ones who have died. Re-emerge in 2012. As a climax, record the band’s first full-length album in 2015, a half century after the original 45 touched a record player. That’s the reality of Hollywood-bred band The Sloths, a punk-before-there-was-punk garage band that existedfor less than two years while it’s members were underage, but still managed to share bills with TheDoors, Pink Floyd, The Animals, Love and Iron Butterfly. No longer a footnote in the long and winding history of garage rock, The Sloths have decided to go for more than a victory lap reunion tour and also release the album on Burger and Lolipop Records. Rock never dies...nor do it’s true rockers.

My Artists Sessions

Saturday, November 7

9:30pm PST